Appendix B

Degree Programs Associated with the Interdisciplinary Concentration in Geographic Information Systems

Participating ICGIS UnitCollegeICGIS RepresentitiveEmailCollege/MajorDegree
AnthropologyCLASRick Stepp, Ph.D.stepp@ufl.eduLS/ANGMA(O), Ph.D., Ph.D./JD
GeographyCLASMichael Binford, Ph.D. mbinford@geog.ufl.eduLS/GPYMA(T), MS(T), MST(N), MAT(N), Ph.D.
Urban & Regional PlanningDCPTBDTBDDCP/URPMAURP(T)
Agricultural and Biological EngineeringEngineeringJasmeet Judge, Ph.D.jasmeet@ufl.eduAG/ABE, EG/ABEMS(O), ENG(O), ME(O), MS(O), ENG(O), Ph.D.
Environmental Engineering SciencesEngineeringMark Brown, Ph.D. mtb@ufl.eduEG/ENEME(O), MS(O), ENG(O), Ph.D.
Soil and Water ScienceIFAS/CALSSabine Grunwald, Ph.D.sabgru@ufl.edIFAS/SWSMS(O), Ph.D.
GeomaticsIFAS/SFRCScot Smith, Ph.D., Chair ICGIS sesmith@ifas.ufl.eduIFAS/FRCMFRC(N), MS(T), Ph.D.
Wildlife Ecology and ConservationIFAS/WECRob Fletcher, Ph.D.robert.fletcher@ufl.eduIFAS/WISMS(O), Ph.D.
SNRE, InterdisciplinaryMultiple CollegesAffiliated Faculty Listmwade@ufl.eduNE/ECLMS(O), Ph.D.
  • Applicants from other departments please contact the ICGIS Chair to assign an ICGIS representative to your degree committee.
  • Departments desiring to add their degrees to the ICGIS list should contact the ICGIS Chair for assistance.
  • Note: (N) – non-thesis degree; (O) – thesis with non-thesis option degree; (T) – thesis degree