Governing Board

A board of administrators, hereafter the Board, governs the University of Florida’s “Interdisciplinary Concentration in GIS”. The founding board will be made up of the individual faculty from the eight academic units identified in Appendix “A”.

There is no time limit for membership on the board. Every two-years the board will elect the following officers:

  • Chairperson
  • Vice Chairperson
  • Secretary (will act as the academic coordinator for the ICGIS)

Officers may be re-elected for service, however no officer may hold the same office for more than three consecutive two-year terms. Only one member may represent each academic unit/department and no college may be represented by more than three board members. Each academic unit will designate its own representative in its own manner.  Meetings may occur with a simple majority of the members of the board present.

New Member Additions to the Board

The addition of new members to the board, from academic units not already represented, requires a simple majority vote of the board. General faculty membership additions will require a simple majority vote by the board. General membership, in the ICGIS, does not provide a faculty member with a position on the ICGIS governing board.

Student Requirements

Students must be admitted and enrolled in one of the departments participating in the ICGIS. Students participating in the ICGIS will be required to complete at least one graduate course from each of the five different categories; no undergraduate courses may be used to complete this concentration. Additionally, no more than three categories may be satisfied in one college or academic unit. Students will be required to utilize GIS in their thesis or final project, and at least one member of the student’s committee must be a participating member of the GIS interdisciplinary concentration. Students will complete the concentration for either the Master’s or Ph.D. (see Appendix B: Degree Programs Associated with the Interdisciplinary Concentration in Geographic Information Systems), and would not repeat it if the University of Florida awards both degrees.

Addition of New Courses to ICGIS

The addition of a new course to any category in the ICGIS must pass review by a simple majority of membership of the governing board. The signatures of the participating department chairpersons affixed to this original ICGIS document and “Statement of Governance” means: an affirmative vote by the governing board to accept a new course in a category automatically indicates approval of the course by all departments for requirements at the University of Florida’s Graduate Council.

Effective Date of the Initiation of the Program

The effective date for the initiation of the Interdisciplinary Concentration in Geographic Information Systems was Fall Semester, 1999.